Handmade Music

making things for making music

What is Handmade Music?

… it’s part Party, part science fair.

Handmade Music is an open event series for people who make stuff that makes music, from instruments to electronics to software. Events include workshops, get-togethers, and live music.

Open Loud Objects workshop.

Who Should Come?

Makers, inventors, music lovers, old people, young people – anyone!

What Happens?

People play live music, concert-style.

People make a racket, while you come talk to them and try their inventions and share ideas, science fair-style.

Where the venue permits, we encourage eating and drinking and always relaxing.

We try to organize workshops for beginners and advanced makers so you can learn more and exchange skills.

Pete Edwards, Casperelectronics.

What Do People Make?

All kinds of stuff…

  • Acoustic instruments
  • Electronics
  • Hacked game consoles used for music
  • Custom software and patches
  • DIY synthesizers
  • Circuit-bend toys
  • Live visual projections and light installations
  • Sound art
  • Handmade swag, hand-printed CD covers, t-shirts, and other musical paraphanelia

…and anything else you can think of.

Where is Handmade Music?

The first Handmade Music was organized by Create Digital Music at Etsy Labs in Brooklyn in 2007. Since then, we’ve started regular series in New York, Austin, and Toronto and events have been held in various other cities in the world, including Porto, Portugal and Amsterdam, NL. The main event runs in New York.

Who is Handmade Music?

Handmade Music is whoever gets involved! We host the community here at Noisepages with Create Digital Music, but DIY marketplace Etsy.com and magazine Make help support the NYC event, and anyone is welcome to spread the idea to their neck of the woods.