Handmade Music

making things for making music

Huge, huge thanks to the folks in Amsterdam and from around the continent who came out for the event: y’all are amazing. We did something a little difference for the installment of Handmade Music at Amsterdam’s STEIM research center – me talking. As a result, I got to frame some of the context for the projects. Word I got was that people enjoyed that, and responded really thoughtfully. We also were able to frame the event with tasty beer, which is equally important.

Can design of technology be a sort of visual composing, whether in software interfaces or hardware layouts or OSC messages? Talented visualist and digital artist Rosa Menkman, in attendance at the STEIM event, answers that and sums up what I was saying almost better than I could:

Hotpot and alternative composing at Steim [Rosa Menkman @ Blogspot

For more of a sense of what Amsterdam was like, check the video at top, also blogged at CDMusic. Some of it is in Dutch, some in English, but it’s all watchable.

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