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Update: The beginner’s class will build the SimSam, a simple digital sampler/noise maker. There is a $5 suggested donation.

This Sunday we’ll be building the Nebulophone, an Arduino based synth with a Stylophone like keyboard. It has adjustable waveforms, a light controlled analog filter, LFO, and arpeggiator that can be clocked over IR.

Here’s a quick sample of some of the features.


Reserve a seat here. Beginner project at 4:00, Nebulophone at 6:00.

All the Andromeda Space Rocker kits will be available on a new site at the beginning of next month! For now you can order them directly from Eric, 4ms. MIDI to IR kits available at Wooster Audio.

Here’s a great video from the last workshop :
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  1. Bob

    I got home to play with mine after making it, and after about 5 minutes of use without dropping it or changing anything, LED 1 started rapidly flickering and LED 2 (the one over the photosensor) stopped blinking entirely.  After plugging it back in and replacing the battery, LED 2 would come back on momentarily and let me play it again, but it would quickly revert back to flashing, and all the pots are unresponsive and the switch and buttons don’t do anything.  None of the solder points are touching each other, and the connections are obviously working… what could be wrong with it? A programming error? My phone number is 210-859-4769, if there’s anything I can do to make it work right again, please call me.

  2. Bob

    I think it actually turned out to be a bad battery… I got a fresh one and it works fine again.

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  5. Rogue Macros

    What am I actually watching here? And what is it those young chaps are drinking on the workbench, beer? lol

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