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4ms Pedals, Bleep Labs, Eric Archer, and Church of the Friendly Ghost have brought Handmande Music to Austin!

Starting October 18th, we will offer monthly workshops at Salvage Vanguard Theatre where you can learn how to solder, build a synth kit, show off your own musical DIY project of any type, and jam with the new Andromeda Space Rocker synthesizer kits.

Free beginner classes!
This free class is for anyone, even if they’ve never picked up a soldering iron or know the difference between a capacitor and a resistor. We’ll show how to solder, discuss the basics of electronics and build an analog drum. Soldering equipment will be provided but if you have your own tools, bring them along.

Andromeda Space Rockers are here.

In the upper division class, we’ll walk you through one of our new modular, networkable synthesizer kits and discuss synth design. Each event will feature a different kit, starting with one of Eric’s drum machines. Classes are $45 and include a kit and all necessary materials.

Each device can communicate with each other via an ir network. This means that when you place them next to each other they automatically sync and play at the same tempo.
There will be 100% analog drum machines from Eric, a digital bassline generator with analog filters from Dann of 4ms, and an Arduino based synth with an analog VCO from Dr. Bleep. These kits will be available online after the first event.

A jam at every event
There will be a jam / performance once the instruments are built. We encourage you to bring some pedals and a small amp to plug in your new synth, or even your own DIY instrument, and participate in an exciting musical experiment.

Sign up for classes
Workshops are filling up quick. Sign up here soon!

October 18th class
4PM – 5:30 – Beginner’s Workshop
6PM – 8 -Upper Division instrument building class
8:30 – ? Jam and featured performance

Class dates:
2009: October 18 / November 15 / December 20
2010: January 17 / February 28 / March 14 / April 18

Salvage Vanguard Theatre
2803 Manor Rd
Austin, TX

Contact HMMAustin@bleeplabs.com for more info

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  1. fm campers

    awesome. I’ll be joining you.

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  4. Armando Cajide

    I’ve been dying to geek with other people in my town who do this! I feel like its impossible to find people until now! Thanks Peter for the heads up, and to the guys throwing the classes. I have never been more grateful to live in a particular town.

  5. Anthony Arroyo


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  7. JargMarbin

    I’ll probably go

  8. Willis

    This article states that “…these kits will be available online after the first event.”  On which website/where??

  9. drbleep

    @ WIllis Depending on how many people come tonight we might be out of parts. Right now it looks like we’ll run out….

    I’ll be sure to post an update when we know the schedule for releasing them onlie

  10. Craguss

    nice one sounds great

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  12. Chris

    Attended yesterday.  Tons of fun, will be back for another installment!  Woot!




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  16. Music Community

    Handmade stuff makes me all hyped up. Thanks for sharing this.

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  20. Chris

    the day change from weekend to weekday, along with the early start time for the beginner class, makes this a no-go for me, sadly. it’s hard to justify taking time out of my workdays, otherwise i’d be down for pretty much every one of these (though admittedly, i’m discovering this late)

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  24. This is very interesting content on this subject. I like the way you back up your information with solid thoughts. Your content is very well laid out and clearly researched.

  25. awesome idea you got there , i love this video .. inspired me a lot

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