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The noisy, electrically-powered, instrumentally imaginative, science-fair-party Handmade Music returns to Brooklyn in September. This month, our featured guest is sound artist and 3rd Ward faculty member Amanda Ervin. She’ll show off some of her elegant electronic creations – and if you’re interested in learning more, she teaches workshops at our host space so you can make your own work.

Where: 3rd Ward, Brooklyn [Directions]
When: Thursday, September 17, 7:30-10 pm
How to get in: It’s FREE; RSVP if you can to handmade@3rdward.com
Who: Hosted at 3rd Ward by Create Digital Music – thanks as always to our co-presenters, Etsy.com, Make Magazine, and XLR8R.com

Amanda Ervin is an artist and engineer who received her Combined Media MFA from the University at Albany in 2005. Her work, mostly inspired by the automation of things, has spanned many artistic media from mechanical paper dolls to music, and currently she plays electronic instruments with the band The Drunkard’s Wife. Her electronics classes, held at 3rd Ward, allow students to use electricity and sound in creative ways. On September 17th, she will present a conglomeration of automated sounds, layered oscillators and looping toys. All raw and noisy, with a hint of rhythm, just because dancing is fun.

We also have an open call for works if you’d like to bring in your own project. Remember, all projects, all media (electronic, acoustic, hardware, software), and all levels of functionality (working, partially working, in-progress, completely broken) are welcome! It’s a chance to show off what you’re doing and get tips from fellow makers from around the greater-NYC DIY music community.

If you’re interested this month – or want to get our attention for a future month – sign up on our Google Docs form:

Handmade Music 9/17 Call for Works

More music + video excerpts from Amanda:

Music samples:


Amanda’s classes (which allow you to make precisely what you see here!):
Electronic Drumming Machine
Audio Tone Generator
Build It: DIY Sequencer

Directions to the Event

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Future dates in Brooklyn:
October 21 – Showcase + Open Workshop
November 18 – Lab
December 17 – Showcase
January 21 – Lab
Lab events are open events for working on projects – so you have a leg up getting together something to show at the showcase!

Open Call

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