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The sounds of summer: suitcase sequencers, beat-shaking eggs, custom loop creations, hacked Ableton controllers — it’s time for another Handmade Music showcase in New York City. It’s party with a showcase of the latest high-tech inventions for musicians, complete with demos, an open lab to meet the creators, and live musical performances – FREE.

Thursday, July 16
7:30 pm
Hosted by 3rd Ward, Brooklyn: Directions
Sponsored by 3rd Ward, createdigitalmusic.com, XLR8R.com, Make Magazine, and Etsy.com
RSVP to rsvp@3rdward.com
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Here’s a detailed look at all the projects:

CrudBox: Sequence Anything


CrudBox by Steven Litt at ITP from Core77 on Vimeo.

CrudBox is a hardware step sequencer which replaces digitally created or analog synthesized sounds typically associated with sequencers and electronic music with the amplified sounds of whatever electronic or electromechanical devices are plugged into it. Solenoids and motors can be plugged in and sequenced while striking or otherwise moving or vibrating any physical material and their sounds amplified in real time using contact mics. These mics, or any other sound source, can be plugged into hacked guitar pedals and effects boxes which can then also be sequenced by CrudBox. Cassette decks, reel to reels, turntables, power tools, and any other sound generating devices can also be hacked and sequenced.

CrudLabs Live at SHOVE at The Tank from Armed with Quarts of Blood on Vimeo.

LOOOP-R: Original Audiovisual Hardware


Loop-R is a real-time video performance tool based in the exploration of low-tech, used technology and human engineering research.

With this tool its author is giving a shout to industry, using existing and mistreated technology in innovative ways, combining concepts and interfaces: merging segregated interfaces (GUI and physical devices) into one.

Hardware and software blend themselves into a new genre providing free control of video-loops in an expressive hybrid tool.

looop-r’s website and demo
Loop-R’s website and demo @rux-werx
Loop-R interview and demo on VJKungFu
dual_blur’s performance at Eyewash – 11-2007
rux+looop-r interview on GearWire

also most of the video demos can be found on my Vimeo account::

VJ Kung Fu: Loop-R VJ Touchscreen System from Momo the Monster on Vimeo.

EggBeater: Shake It!


EggBeater uses the intuitive power of rhythm to let anyone control the playback of music. Shaking this small, wireless device in regular patterns can automatically adjust the tempo and timing of loops. Just start playing the EggBeater just as you would a traditional shaker, and listen as the song slows down as you slow down, or speed up as you do!

EggBeater uses an accelerometer coupled with an XBee radio to send your movements to PureData, where they detect your downbeats and rhythmic tempo. The software can then control playback within PureData or send OSC or MIDI messages to other platforms.


APC40, Reprogrammed: Hack Akai’s Ableton Controller


Thinking outside the box with the APC40. Photo (CC) RypTide.

Michael Hatsis, aka !INCLUDE will give a preview of his upcoming APC40 re-program. The application is designed extend the already flexible features of the APC40 with Ableton Live. When released the application will be free of charge.

Plush Instruments




Last-minute addition: Richie Brown, who graced our presence once before with, among other things, a nipple-controlled mannequin instrument, has a new set of creations.

The golden pyramid is a ring modulator, the other two plushies are synths which can function as standalone synths or can be patched together to modulate one another.

Ohm64 + Custom Patches


Last-minute addition – our friend Jay Smith from Livid Instruments will show off his open controller (with open source editor and portions of the firmware), plus some Max audiovisual patches he’s created.


More Here

Stay tuned to this site for featured content from our artists following the event.

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