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Update! Now with more flyer!

Update #2! If you’d like to participate in the kit build beforehand, we have a few PicoPaso kits, and a few BitBlob Jr. kits. Email Theron to RSVP. Bring $30 for the PicoPaso, or $64 for the BitBlob Jr. Proceeds from the kits go to CRASH Space so we can keep doing things like this.

We’re doing it again in LA!

February 26, 2011, 8pm.

We’re trying things a bit differently this time. It’s on Saturday instead of Friday. We’re having a kit build beforehand. And we’re finishing up a Max/MSP workshop before that.

Email kevin@soundcyst.com if you’ve got a project to share or you want to participate in the kit build (hint: it’s a PicoPaso).

See you in February!


Lars Larsen of LZX Industries will be presenting his new BitVision video synthesizer at the next handmade Music Austin.

YouTube Preview Image

The BitVision features :

– A frame buffer which can display internal shapes and images in many colorization modes.
– 8-bit color palette, although thousands more can be revealed from the analog color phase shifter.
– An analog envelope follower/generator that responds to an external audio or clock signal, with gain and decay controls to modulate video.
– A frequency counter also derived from the audio input, which can modulate video based on the frequency of the input signal.
– Program and mode selection pushbuttons, as well as two arbitrary knobs and one pushbutton to control parameters dependent on the currently selected display program and mode.
– Integrating programming header allows savvy users to upload their own images and animation routines.
– 1/8″ jack audio input.
– Composite video RCA output.

This workshop will be presented By Switched On and will be held at the space next door to them.


Handmade Music Austin #13
1pm, November 14th at Switched On, 1111 E 11th st Austin TX 78701
BitVision video synthesizer – $80. Credit Cards accepted at the workshop. First come, first serve.


Handmade Music NYC is returning. And we’re thrilled to welcome Modal Kombat, the real-guitars-play-games act that had to cancel back in August!


A hack-a-thon / workshop for using game controllers for music. Learn how to connect game controllers as musical controllers. Bring controllers you want to use (class-compliant USB, Wii, and Xbox controllers recommended) and try them out with music software, plus get a look at how you can turn the new Rock Band 3 keyboard controller into a cheap keyboard controller. (Not endorsed by Harmonix! We just
think it’s cute…)


  • MEEBLIP’S PUBLIC DEBUT – Get your hands on the MeeBlip, the new open source synth we unveiled this week, in person. Ask questions, make noises.
  • MODAL KOMBAT – real classic guitarists use real guitars to play video games like Tetris, Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat
  • MANO FICO – surf rock meets speed metal, with drums, glockenspiel, and three Casio VL-Tones, featuring world-famous glock and Casio artist Glockabelle! (Her hand, pictured below, armed with thimbles and ready to do battle with the glock.)
  • A GAME OF CHECKERS THAT PLAYS ABLETON LIVE – Play checkers… and it’s a step sequencer.
  • Added – EXILE FAKER Chip music favorite! Check out his tracks.
  • more surprises TBD!

Sunday, November 14
Lab 4:30p, Party 7p, FREE
presented at CULTUREFIX on the LES
gallery, bar & boutique
9 Clinton Street
New York, New York 10002
(between Stanton & E Houston, NYC)

Austin #11

by drbleep

Handmade Music Austin #11 – “End of summer reruns”

On Sept 12th we will be presenting Eric’s 1979 Phototheremin again due to popular demand.
For the advanced class you can build either the 4ms AutoBass or Bleep Labs Nebulophone.

There will also be another Show ‘n Swap ‘n Tell so bring your creations of any variety to show off or junk to trade and sell.

We’ve been filling up quick lately so get there early to get a seat!

Sept 12th – Salvage Vanguard Theater
12:30 – Beginner class -$10
2:30 – Advanced class – $50


Austin #10

by drbleep

For our tenth workshop we’re going back to bending!

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On August 8th at Salvage Vanguard Theater we’ll be holding a workshop on bending the popular “Saw voice recorder”
It’s only $10 and all tools and parts including the voice recorder itself are provided! Beginners welcome.

We’ll also be hold a swap ‘n show ‘n tell so bring your own creations to show off or some electronic junk to sell or trade.
It will be first come, first serve so be there at 2pm on Sunday, august 8th to get a seat.

Here is a PDF of the bending instructions if you can’t make it. You can get the recorder here and here’s GetLoFi’s original post.


Austin #9

by drbleep

The ninth Austin workshop is coming up this Sunday the 11th and we’ve got a great new beginner kit!

Eric dug up an old Forrest Mims design of an insanely simple phototheremin and made this great little guy:

We’ll be offering a very easy to build circuit board version of it for only $5.
Afterward we’ll have another Swap N’ Show. Bring your own noise creations to show off or bring your parts and junk and to trade, sell, or give away.

Handmade Music Austin #9
Sunday, July 11th at Salvage Vanguard Theater
2 pm – 7 pm
Only 30 kits will be available. First come, first serve.

Contact Dr. Bleep for more info